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Why is Essex a Dating Hotspot?

Essex singles could be in luck this Valentine's Day, as a UK dating website listed Leigh-on-Sea recently as one of the UK's top ten dating hotspots. The article which was recently released in a local Essex newspaper said that you can find singles in Essex with ease and that the reason being that there is a high population of singles in a concentrated area, so it's much easier to find a love match here than most other places in the UK.

On the list of the top 20 dating hotspots in the UK, the seaside Essex town is listed at the 9th highest on the hotspot list. It's probably the fact that there are a lot of singles in Essex that makes Essex dating sites so popular and this is great news for singletons in the area who can easily find a love match close by.

Find Singles in Essex

So, Essex online dating is increasingly popular and it's partly down to the single population in the area. But what other factors make more people look to online dating in Essex?

Well, first of all, Essex online dating inevitably leads to face to face dating, which is extremely fun in the Essex area. Why? Because Essex girls and guys love nothing more than to get their glad rags on and dress to impress. The plentiful bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs throughout Essex (see our home page) means that there is no shortage of places to dress up for and what better way to wear a killer outfit than on a hot date!

Don't get us wrong - Essex singles are not all like the TOWIE stars, but Essex dating is certainly something that locals are not afraid of and enjoy.

Essex First Date Tips

Your first date is going to be scary, exciting and full of hope. But it is important that you don't expect too much and that you try to relax and be yourself when you meet up after meeting someone on an Essex dating site. If you're feeling super nervous, try to keep the first day relatively short to begin with by perhaps going for a quiet drink rather than a big meal. That way, you if you feel really uncomfortable you can leave without feeling awkward. If you end up really hitting it off and a glass of wine helps to relax you, you could end up staying out for hours chatting!

It's a good idea to dress up and look your best on your first date to show that you wanted to make an effort, but do try to stick closely to your normal dress sense - if you're a jeans kind of person, there's nothing wrong with wearing jeans but dress them up with a jazzy top, jewellery and nice shoes.

One of the biggest tips is to be honest and upfront and don't pretend to be something you're not. For starters, nobody likes to find out that a person is totally different to what they thought, and secondly you'd want the same from your date.

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